I’m always looking for good non-fiction books to read, and it can be very hard to find suggestions and reviews.  If you have any specific good books to recommend, plug them in the comments or email me!  I don’t care if they are books you had to read for some class in college that you ending up liking or just something you saw a review for and thought it sounded cool.

Here are the general guidelines for what I like:

Genres I like:  History, science (particularly “popsci” type books, cognitive, biological & medical science), anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, post-colonial Africa, religious studies, (auto)biographies, Jewish studies (religious or cultural), Deaf studies, true crime, general political science.

I like technology genres with a caveat that I prefer from a historical or informational perspective (history of computers or look at the physical infrastructure of the internet), but not from a sociological approach (the ramifications of us all having cellphones and portable mp3 players).

Genres I don’t (or at least not consistently enough to want suggestions): self-help, hobbyist (crafts, gardening, home improvement) or fine arts, financial & investment, child-rearing, diet, specific politics (general political science is great, books by Politician X are not), psuedo-science new age crap. MOST FICTION.

Note: I can only read in English, needs be English-print books, English blogs.

A Note To Authors:  I will certainly take recommendations for books you have written if they fall in line with the above criteria but I cannot and will not promise to review them.  That’s not how this blog works.

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